Independence Day Speech 2022

Independence Day Speech 2022
Independence Day Speech 2022

Respected Principal, Teachers and Dear Friends,
I am very happy to have the opportunity to express my thoughts on this auspicious occasion of Independence Day. This is our 76th Independence Day celebration. Just 76 years ago, we got independence from the British.

The story of our freedom struggle is very big which can not be described in 1 day. Independence Day is very important for every Indian. 75 years ago, the British rules India. They came to India on the pretext of trade and gradually took everything under their control and made us their slaves.

Then on 15th August 1947, India became independent after many agitation and battles. Many heros sacrified their lives to get freedom for India. We celebrate Independence Day to pay tribute to our great freedom fighters who gained independence from India's struggles and sacrifices.

This day teaches us about the power of unity among Indians and how it can be strengthened our nation. We show our gratefulness for being a part of an independent country with speech.
In this great day we hoist our National Flag and sing our National Anthem "Jana Gana Mana".

Even though Independence Day is observed as a National Holiday but it is expected of students and employees to attend the flag hosting ceremony held on the grounds or roof top. It is one of the National Festival of India.

Wish You A Very Happy Independence Day !

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